Premier USA - About

This system is relatively new and striving for recognition for our titleholders.

What we offer is a fair, open, and transparent selection process. Our intention is to ensure that every portion of the selection process has a video record. The actual process is in the Competition section.

Aside from the Title, Crown, Sash, and an outstanding Las Vegas pageant, what will you receive? Very little - sponsorships for pageants are few and far between. We will do what we can and hopefully pass on opportunities we may be made aware of.

Who we are looking for is easy. We want a self starter who can create opportunities where none exist. Someone who will use the bully pulpit of the title to advance her platform as well as the system itself.

You get the ability to champion the cause of your choice. As the system grows there will be more opportunities to reach across geographical boundaries and hopefully enlist other delegates to be a force for good. Each titleholder will define the job and leave a legacy. We want you to to be in this system at all levels not because it is a pageant but because it will be a tough and demanding job to be proud of.

We will be looking international and national directors. Our temporary email address is UniverseInternationalPageants@Gmail.Com