Premier USA - Competition

Two requirements 1) Be a biological female at least 18 years old and 2) Your marital status has to match the division

The competitions (Mrs, Ms, Miss and Teen) were designed to have preliminary equally weighted events for Interview, Fitness, and Gown. The semi finalists are then selected from the top ten scores. Ties can add more semi-finalists.

The semi finalists proceed to the final competition with a fresh slate and compete in three equally weighted events for on stage question, fitness, and gown. Highest Score Wins.

Olympic style scoring is utilized with the high and lows discarded. Minimum of seven judges with panel interviews allowing for at least one minute per judge. On Stage question answer limited to thirty seconds. Each judge could score a maximum of 15 points per event.

Under discussion are optional contests which would not be counted in the official scoring and would not be scored by the official judges. Under discussion were congeniality (delegates choice),costume, talent, civic accomplishments (done only while a part of this system), internet choice, audience choice, supermodel, fitness and of course the spirit of pageantry.

Of course the only venue for an event of this type is Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Unfortunately for our first competition COVID-19 stepped in with a dose of reality. 2020 was passing by and something had to be done and done fast. The decision was made to have a specialized pageant and the titleholders would actually reign for 2021-2023. This would give the organization a chance to reorganize and restructure and plan for a 2024 pageant. Delegates were chosen from many national and above titleholders and some international 1st Runners up. The titleholder would be selected after viewing obtained previous competition footage. The history of each delegates contribution during their previous reign would be taken into consideration.